yoga & dance schedule

Yoga and dance are the two movement forms that I currently teach in the Bay Area of California. I teach a variety of classes for kids and adults. If you prefer one on one training click here.

Check out my schedule for information regarding the types of classes, time and location for each class. 

yoga teacher training 

Yoga Teacher Training offers you an opportunity to invest in yourself, allowing you to grow as an individual and create either a new full time or part time profession. 

This personalized training is ideal for anyone who wants to know more about yoga and themselves. Discover how the movement of yoga can open up new experiences. 

virtual studio

Regardless of your experience, this virtual studio has classes for all needs ranging from pranayama (breath) techniques to different levels of asana (physical practice) classes. 

This studio was created for continuous access to my classes when getting into a class at a studio is not an option. I offer different tools for each student to understand their at home practice as a way to integrate the feeling you get in a group class.