PRIVATE LESSONS are beneficial regardless of the amount of time you have practiced yoga or dance. They help to refine movement, create new perspective and open up conversation about the importance of movement. I offer in home, studio and online privates.

PARTIES can be spiced up with yoga and dance. These types of parties could be  birthdays,  graduations, weddings, fitness classes, bachlorette parties and many more events. Each event is created for the needs of the student and can range from group performances, flash mobs, father daughter dances, lip sync performances, bride and groom first dance and the list goes on. 




1 hr    $85


With a Virtual Private we can customize the class during the perfect time of day for you and in the perfect space, such as your home. This private can be for anything from either yoga, dance, choreography, performance support or customized to what your needs are. When you decide to book  please specify the dates and times you are available and the type of class you would like. Also let me know who referred you. 



  1 hr   $100


A private yoga session is great for anyone who would like a more in depth look at their yoga practice either as a new yogi or an experienced yogi.  A private yoga session is beneficial for the student looking to cultivate further body awareness through alignment, mind awareness through breath and the opportunity to ask questions specific to their needs.  When you book please specify your location so I can confirm the studio or space we will meet at, as well as days/times available. 

Whether you are a trained dancer and need help with technique, performance skills, or choreography..... or you are new to dance and want to learn a new style, consider booking an in person private just for you. Private dance styles include ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, line dancing, and Greek dance.  When you book please specify your location so I can confirm the studio or space we will meet at, as well as dates/times you are available. 




1 hr    $100





  1 hr   $150


If you are in need of a choreographer, performer, or a teacher for a group class than book here.  I have done everything from weddings, birthday parties, flash mobs, office yoga, and performances. I love fusing different styles so if you have something other than what is listed send me your information and we can chat more. The rate depends on how many people are involved with the event. If you have any questions please email me first. Rates start at $150 per hour.

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* Private and group sessions are for all ages

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